The MoveIt Motion Planning Framework for ROS 2.
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joint_limits_validator.h File Reference
#include <pilz_industrial_motion_planner/joint_limits_container.h>
#include <pilz_industrial_motion_planner/joint_limits_extension.h>
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class  pilz_industrial_motion_planner::JointLimitsValidator
 Validates the equality of all limits inside a container. More...
class  pilz_industrial_motion_planner::ValidationException
 A base class for all validations exceptions inheriting from std::runtime_exception. More...
class  pilz_industrial_motion_planner::ValidationJointMissingException
 Thrown the limits for a joint are defined in the urdf but not in the node parameters (loaded from yaml) More...
class  pilz_industrial_motion_planner::ValidationDifferentLimitsException
 Thrown when the limits differ. More...
class  pilz_industrial_motion_planner::ValidationBoundsViolationException
 Thrown when the limits from the param server are weaker than the ones obtained from the urdf. More...