The MoveIt Motion Planning Framework for ROS 2.
moveit_configs_utils.launches Namespace Reference


def generate_rsp_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_moveit_rviz_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_setup_assistant_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_static_virtual_joint_tfs_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_spawn_controllers_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_warehouse_db_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_move_group_launch (moveit_config)
def generate_demo_launch (moveit_config, launch_package_path=None)

Function Documentation

◆ generate_demo_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_demo_launch (   moveit_config,
  launch_package_path = None 
Launches a self contained demo

launch_package_path is optional to use different launch and config packages

 * static_virtual_joint_tfs
 * robot_state_publisher
 * move_group
 * moveit_rviz
 * warehouse_db (optional)
 * ros2_control_node + controller spawners

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◆ generate_move_group_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_move_group_launch (   moveit_config)

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◆ generate_moveit_rviz_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_moveit_rviz_launch (   moveit_config)
Launch file for rviz

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◆ generate_rsp_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_rsp_launch (   moveit_config)
Launch file for robot state publisher (rsp)

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◆ generate_setup_assistant_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_setup_assistant_launch (   moveit_config)
Launch file for MoveIt Setup Assistant

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◆ generate_spawn_controllers_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_spawn_controllers_launch (   moveit_config)

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◆ generate_static_virtual_joint_tfs_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_static_virtual_joint_tfs_launch (   moveit_config)

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◆ generate_warehouse_db_launch()

def moveit_configs_utils.launches.generate_warehouse_db_launch (   moveit_config)
Launch file for warehouse database

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