How to Contribute to This Site

This explains what you need to know to successfully submit changes to this site.

Learning Objectives

  • How to locally build this website.

  • How to check for broken links.

  • How to check spelling and formatting.

  • How to run CI locally for checking code changes.



  1. Build and view the website locally

First, cd to the root directory of the moveit2_tutorials repo (if you followed the Getting Started tutorial, this will be ~/ws_moveit/src/moveit2_tutorials). From that directory, run this command:

make html
# Or run the following lines if you want to automatically rebuild the website on new changes
while inotifywait -re modify,move,create,delete .; do
  make html

Then you can open the local build of the site in your web browser from: ./build/html/index.html. For example, to open the local site in your default browser the command would be:

xdg-open ./build/html/index.html
  1. Test for broken links

To test for broken links run this command:

  1. Run the formatters and spellchecker

We use pre-commit to run the formatting and spelling checkers. You can install it with pip like this:

python3 -m pip install --user pre-commit

To run pre-commit locally to fix formatting and spelling:

pre-commit run --all
  1. Run industrial_ci locally to run CI

  • Clone a copy of industrial_ci into your workspace.

  • Build and source your workspace.

  • Run this command from the workspace directory to test code changes just as it is done in CI:

    ros2 run industrial_ci rerun_ci src/moveit2_tutorials \
      DOCKER_IMAGE='moveit/moveit2:rolling-source' \
      UPSTREAM_WORKSPACE='moveit2_tutorials.repos' \
      CCACHE_DIR="$HOME/.ccache" \

Further Reading