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You're reading the documentation for the non-stable development version of MoveIt 2. For the stable, released version, please have a look at Humble.


This is a catch-all place for pages that have not yet been updated for the new structure or are still not yet ported from ROS 1.

To migrate these pages into the new structure please see the appropriate pages under Contributing.

MoveGroup - ROS Wrappers in C++

The simplest way to use MoveIt through scripting is using the move_group_interface. This interface is ideal for beginners and provides unified access to many of the features of MoveIt.

Using MoveIt Directly Through the C++ API

Building more complex applications with MoveIt often requires developers to dig into MoveIt’s C++ API. As an added plus, using the C++ API directly skips many of the ROS Service/Action layers resulting in significantly faster performance.

Integration with a New Robot

Before attempting to integrate a new robot with MoveIt 2, check whether your robot has already been set up (see the list of robots running MoveIt). Otherwise, follow the tutorials in this section to integrate your robot with MoveIt.