The MoveIt Motion Planning Framework for ROS 2.
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pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator Class Referenceabstract

Base class of trajectory generators. More...

#include <trajectory_generator.h>

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class  MotionPlanInfo
 This class is used to extract needed information from motion plan request. More...

Public Member Functions

 TrajectoryGenerator (const moveit::core::RobotModelConstPtr &robot_model, const pilz_industrial_motion_planner::LimitsContainer &planner_limits)
virtual ~TrajectoryGenerator ()=default
bool generate (const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr &scene, const planning_interface::MotionPlanRequest &req, planning_interface::MotionPlanResponse &res, double sampling_time=0.1)
 generate robot trajectory with given sampling time More...

Protected Member Functions

std::unique_ptr< KDL::VelocityProfile > cartesianTrapVelocityProfile (const double &max_velocity_scaling_factor, const double &max_acceleration_scaling_factor, const std::unique_ptr< KDL::Path > &path) const
 build cartesian velocity profile for the path More...

Protected Attributes

const moveit::core::RobotModelConstPtr robot_model_
const pilz_industrial_motion_planner::LimitsContainer planner_limits_
const std::unique_ptr< rclcpp::Clock > clock_

Static Protected Attributes

static constexpr double MIN_SCALING_FACTOR { 0.0001 }
static constexpr double MAX_SCALING_FACTOR { 1. }
static constexpr double VELOCITY_TOLERANCE { 1e-8 }

Detailed Description

Base class of trajectory generators.

Note: All derived classes cannot have a start velocity

Definition at line 92 of file trajectory_generator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrajectoryGenerator()

pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::TrajectoryGenerator ( const moveit::core::RobotModelConstPtr &  robot_model,
const pilz_industrial_motion_planner::LimitsContainer planner_limits 

Definition at line 95 of file trajectory_generator.h.

◆ ~TrajectoryGenerator()

virtual pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::~TrajectoryGenerator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ cartesianTrapVelocityProfile()

std::unique_ptr< KDL::VelocityProfile > pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::cartesianTrapVelocityProfile ( const double &  max_velocity_scaling_factor,
const double &  max_acceleration_scaling_factor,
const std::unique_ptr< KDL::Path > &  path 
) const

build cartesian velocity profile for the path

Uses the path to get the cartesian length and the angular distance from start to goal. The trap profile returns uses the longer distance of translational and rotational motion.

Definition at line 284 of file trajectory_generator.cpp.

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◆ generate()

bool pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::generate ( const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr &  scene,
const planning_interface::MotionPlanRequest req,
planning_interface::MotionPlanResponse res,
double  sampling_time = 0.1 

generate robot trajectory with given sampling time

reqmotion plan request
resmotion plan response
sampling_timesampling time of the generate trajectory
motion plan succeed/fail, detailed information in motion plan response

Definition at line 303 of file trajectory_generator.cpp.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ clock_

const std::unique_ptr<rclcpp::Clock> pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::clock_

Definition at line 277 of file trajectory_generator.h.


constexpr double pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::MAX_SCALING_FACTOR { 1. }

Definition at line 275 of file trajectory_generator.h.


constexpr double pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::MIN_SCALING_FACTOR { 0.0001 }

Definition at line 274 of file trajectory_generator.h.

◆ planner_limits_

const pilz_industrial_motion_planner::LimitsContainer pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::planner_limits_

Definition at line 273 of file trajectory_generator.h.

◆ robot_model_

const moveit::core::RobotModelConstPtr pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::robot_model_

Definition at line 272 of file trajectory_generator.h.


constexpr double pilz_industrial_motion_planner::TrajectoryGenerator::VELOCITY_TOLERANCE { 1e-8 }

Definition at line 276 of file trajectory_generator.h.

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