The MoveIt Motion Planning Framework for ROS 2.
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cartesian_interpolator.h File Reference
#include <moveit/robot_state/robot_state.h>
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struct  moveit::core::JumpThreshold
 Struct with options for defining joint-space jump thresholds. More...
struct  moveit::core::MaxEEFStep
 Struct for containing max_step for computeCartesianPath. More...
class  moveit::core::CartesianInterpolator
struct  moveit::core::CartesianInterpolator::Percentage
struct  moveit::core::CartesianInterpolator::Distance


 Main namespace for MoveIt.
 Core components of MoveIt.


std::optional< int > moveit::core::hasJointSpaceJump (const std::vector< moveit::core::RobotStatePtr > &waypoints, const moveit::core::JointModelGroup &group, const moveit::core::JumpThreshold &jump_threshold)
 Checks if a joint-space path has a jump larger than the given threshold. More...