The MoveIt Motion Planning Framework for ROS 2.
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occupancy_map_monitor Namespace Reference


class  OccupancyMapMonitor
class  OccupancyMapMonitorMiddlewareHandle
 This class contains the ros interfaces for OccupancyMapMontior. More...
class  OccupancyMapUpdater
 Base class for classes which update the occupancy map. More...
class  DepthImageOctomapUpdater
class  LazyFreeSpaceUpdater
class  PointCloudOctomapUpdater


using ShapeHandle = unsigned int
using ShapeTransformCache = std::map< ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d, std::less< ShapeHandle >, Eigen::aligned_allocator< std::pair< const ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d > > >
using TransformCacheProvider = std::function< bool(const std::string &, const rclcpp::Time &, ShapeTransformCache &)>


 MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD (OccupancyMapUpdater)

Typedef Documentation

◆ ShapeHandle

using occupancy_map_monitor::ShapeHandle = typedef unsigned int

Definition at line 54 of file occupancy_map_updater.h.

◆ ShapeTransformCache

using occupancy_map_monitor::ShapeTransformCache = typedef std::map<ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d, std::less<ShapeHandle>, Eigen::aligned_allocator<std::pair<const ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d> > >

Definition at line 55 of file occupancy_map_updater.h.

◆ TransformCacheProvider

using occupancy_map_monitor::TransformCacheProvider = typedef std::function<bool(const std::string&, const rclcpp::Time&, ShapeTransformCache&)>

Definition at line 57 of file occupancy_map_updater.h.

Function Documentation


occupancy_map_monitor::MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD ( OccupancyMapUpdater  )